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Stenciling a Hallway Accent Wall

Stenciling a Hallway Accent Wall

The downstairs hallway update so far as included painting the doors white, the hardware ORB, the walls BM Moonshine, and wallpaper the ceiling (which turned out to be contagious for the rest of the downstairs).  The next task was to turn the back wall into an accent wall.

The accent wall came about by accident.  I was working on stenciling a wall (spoilers!) elsewhere in the house and really liked the look.  Inspired by the idea to repeat certain design elements to keep the Den looking cohesive I brought the stencil into the hallway.

Just for the record, I don’t follow directions all that well, so I didn’t bother using painters tape.  I had found out earlier that spray adhesive was a lot easier to deal.

Wolfy found and marked center on the wall for me.  I sprayed the back of the stencil and applied it to the wall.


I went with Sherwin Williams Leapfrog in high gloss for the pattern.  I applied it with a 4 inch roller.


My system for stenciling isn’t a lot of work, but it takes a long time.  I paint, pull the stencil off, wait 10-15 minutes until the paint is dry and then apply the stencil again.  This gives the areas that the stencil is going over plenty of time to dry.


Working out from the center of the wall I was able to use the stencil on both the bottom and the top before having to wait for it to dry.


I am very happy with it.  From far away it looks great.


Up close, it isn’t near as crisp as I would have preferred.  The problem was paint build up on my stencil, I was unable to get a clean line.


I’ll admit that it bugged me for a few days, but once I lived with it, I actually started to really like it.  I enjoy how perfect it looks from far away, but when you get closer it has a hand painted look that makes it look very authentic.

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