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Building a Stone Walk Way into a Hill

Last year, or was it two years ago… never mind not important we bought a ton of flagstone to build a patio.  Since then it has been sitting in our driveway making other projects a pain.  After building the pergola the size patio I wanted changed drastically, I no longer had enough flagstone to build the patio I had in mind.  So with that I set about finding other projects to do with the flagstone.

Building a Stone Walk Way into a Hill before and after

I had originally planned to build a stone walk way into the hill of our backyard with the stone.  I still had enough to do that.  And enough to use the flagstone as a stepping stone path from the patio we plan to build by the pergola to the patio we plan to build by the fire pit in the backyard.


So on Saturday I got up from the sofa, told Wolfy I wanted to go check something out.  Half hour later he found me digging up our hill.  The good hubby that he is he went back inside put on some work boots and came out to help.

The first step was to loosen up the dirt. I tried a shovel (what most normal people would use) but that was too slow for me.  Instead I got the auger we had originally bought to dig post holes for the fence.  Power tools are fun!

With the auger in hand I loosened up the dirt and started leveling sections to lay the stone into.DSC_0175

I wanted a rustic look so I eyeballed everything.


The bottom step was dug into the earth so it will be level with the stepping stone we add at a later date.


Once the sod grows back it will lock the stones into place creating strong steps that will require more use of the weed-wacker.


We also took some time to remove the fence posts that leftover from the vinyl fencing we originally installed.


I’ll have to wait until my Dad brings up the tractor to remove the two gate posts… or maybe we will rebuild the arbor we were married under…

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