About the Wolves


Welcome to Our Wolf Den.


I should have realized how big of a deal DIY would be in our relationship when our first true conversation involved me telling Wolfy that yes and I know to frame a wall, and if I had known set building was actually set building I would have brought the pneumatic nail gun to work call.

We were and are theatre geeks. The first two years of our relationship revolved almost entirely around the stage.  We were stage crew at a local theatre and in our free time we acted and tech-ed with two different community theatre troops.  Our DIY skills were put to good use there.


Then that chapter in our lives closed with the doors to the theater we loved, the theatre where we met, the theatre where Wolfy got down on one knee and proposed.  We moved on with our lives, I got a crappy minimum wage job while I finished up school, Wolfy found a job an hour way as a handy man for a construction company.

I started to get antsy. I started buying and refinishing frames, buying wood to make a garden bed in the back yard of our rented duplex.  Both of our jobs made a change for the better.  We were working together again, same place, same hours, and the need for projects came back to us both.  We started painting our rental.

We knew it was time to get out on our own, find our bearings, start our life. So we found Our Den.  It was in a sad state, a foreclosure that had set for two years.  It needed a lot of work, but we saw a vision of what it could be.  Our family held their breath for us, and we bought our Den.


We have been remolding it slowly over the last 4 years with the help of our Fur Babies:

Chloe the tortoise colored kitty cat


Makanda Sky and Shawnee Cream – litter mates that are half Chesapeake Bay Retriever half Great Pyrenees. At 75-80 lbs a piece they are some big babies.  But be careful they still think they only weigh 10 lbs, and they will try to crawl on your lap.


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